Cop out II: February Link Extravaganza

In lieu of analysis or original thoughts, I present some webpages I found interesting in February:

If you are interested in writing, or education, or language, you should read the Conference on College Composition and Communication’s (CCCC) declaration of Students’ Right to Their Own Language (STROL).

Then you should read Surej Canagarajah’s (2010) blog post arguing for the value of moving from a “rights orientation” to a “resource orientation” in an updated STROL.

Schegloff’s home page–useful for CA transcription and some other junk

NYT Pam Belluck reports on the crisis of elderly prisoners with dementia.

Dr. Seuss’ environmental parable “The Lorax” used to sell SUVs?

Marginal Revolution‘s Tyler Cowan nudges towards a neurodiversity perspective in academia–“Autism as Academic Paradigm

The future is now–Hacked DC School Board’s e-voting elects Bender as President

An underground group of guerrilla…art preservationists and amateur cultural historians? in the underground tunnels of Paris? Oui!

My friend Ilima Loomis at Maui News shows the valuable ways a daily newspaper can utilize online media to raise standards of critical thinking, reporting, and reading. Wailuku Main Street funding.

Bitch magazine calls out Real Housewives of Atlanta

Language Log gives an excellent summary of articles and posts concerned with the use of corpus linguistics in legal decision-making.¬†And if you’re interested in the intersection of law and linguistics, Judge Posner is always a pleasure, as he is here.